Fence Codes and Building Regulations in the Chicago, IL Area

Chicago area homeowners and real estate investors are always looking for ways to upgrade their properties. Home improvements are a great way to add value and enhance your enjoyment of your home. Fences are some of the most popular upgrade and rehab projects for homes. They’re very affordable, can be installed quickly and immediately enhance any home’s value, curb appeal, security, safety and privacy. It’s no wonder that creating a brand new yard enclosure or decorative border on residential lots is one of the first projects considered by homeowners. As with most projects, though, there are strict rules, ordinances and codes for fences within every community. Before you can begin planning, you need information so you can make the right choices.

Finding the rules and codes for Chicago and its many suburbs, though, can be difficult. Searching online doesn’t immediately find the information you need about materials, styles, heights, and other crucial issues. Do you need a building permit? Can you build the fence where you want it? How tall can it be? It can take a lot of hard research to get answers to those and other questions. That’s why this website was created. Here, you’ll find all of those answers and more for Chicago and every nearby and outer suburb with a population over 50,000. We’ve put every crucial answer into an easy-to-access format for quick reference. In just minutes, you’ll have accurate, complete facts so you can begin the planning process for your project. The information below and at the links will lead directly to relevant details about rules in your community.

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Cities in Chicagoland May Change Fence Codes

The pages on this website that describe fence codes and regulations for various cities are based on regulations published by each city. Since those rules, like all city ordinances, can be changed at any time, you should check with your city’s building department to make sure your fence project is in compliance with current codes. When you contact local contractors for supplies or installation, they can assist you with the current rules for your city. Our website is only designed to be a guide to help you with planning your project.