Residential Fence Codes and Regulations – Arlington Heights, IL

Like other Illinois cities, the Village of Arlington Heights regulates fences carefully to preserve an attractive appearance and promote public safety. Located in Cook and Lake Counties, the city is proud of its neighborhoods and its overall beauty. Its more than 76,000 residents take great pride in their properties and set high standards for residential uses. Located northwest of Chicago, it is a family-oriented community that focuses on maintaining a high standard for quality of life and beautiful, safe neighborhoods.

General Requirements for Residential Fences

If you’re planning to install a new or replacement fence in the city, you should know that building permits are required for all installations, and strict rules for heights and types of fences are enforced. Homeowners can install their own fences as a DIY project, but must meet all codes and regulations. The information below covers most residential installations. These rules are subject to change at any time, and variations from the regulations may be allowed with specific approval from the city’s building and zoning authorities.

Specific Fence Rules, Ordinances and Restrictions

Ordinances for Building Residential Fences in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Beautiful fences are a popular finishing touch for any residential property. They promote neighborhood appearance and security while enhancing property values. For most homeowners, fence building is a job for professional contractors, but some people with advanced do-it-yourself skills take great pride in doing their own work. This website is designed to help Illinois property owners understand the rules and regulations that apply to fence construction in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. If you have any questions about your project, contact your local building department to make sure your plans meet the latest local regulations.