Residential Fence Rules and Codes for Berwyn, IL

Berwyn is a western suburb of Chicago, located just to the west of Cicero. Its population is roughly 57,000, with a diverse population and a high percentage of Hispanic residents, much like Cicero, its neighbor. With a moderate average family income, it is a city of residential neighborhoods, full of homes of midwestern design styles. The city’s rules for fencing in its neighborhoods are designed in keeping with its family orientation. A prohibition against front yard fences and most side yard fences is typical of cities that seek to create good relationships and communication between neighbors.

General Requirements for Residential Fences

Since many homeowners in the city choose to build their own fences, Berwyn makes it relatively easy for individuals to obtain their own building permits for those projects. It does, however require that the owner be present at all times when work is being done. That ordinance is designed to ensure that unlicensed contractors are not working on residential projects in the city, which requires all contractors be licensed and bonded. Before a complete installation, the information below can be used as a guide to selecting your materials and designing the fence to be within the regulations.

Specific Ordinances and Restrictions

Commercial Fence Codes

Fence Installation Codes in Berwyn, IL

Before taking on a money-saving fence-building project yourself, it’s best to evaluate your skills, tools and available time carefully. Such an installation requires some hard work digging postholes and mixing concrete. These projects also require better than average skills in several areas. Most installations also need more than one person on the job, and take considerable time to complete. Experienced professional contractors work efficiently and accurately. They are familiar with all of the equipment and skills required to create a beautiful, straight, strong fence that adds enduring value to any home. Still, building a fence is a common DIY project for handy homeowners. If you’re up for the job, you can save money by doing it yourself.