Residential Fence Codes and Regulations for Bolingbrook, IL

Located in Will County, just south of Naperville, Bolingbrook is a suburb of Chicago with a population of nearly 75,000. For commuters, traffic flows into Chicago on I-55, which follows the southern city limits. Originally developed in the post-WWII building boom, it has continued to grow over the years. Tree-lined streets and a wide range of home styles give this city a variety of housing that matches its cultural diversity. With almost 50% of households having children under the age of 18, schools, parks and recreational opportunities are important. Home prices and median household incomes are about average for Chicagoland suburbs. Ample shopping, dining and green space areas add to the attractions of life in this community.

General Requirements for Residential Fences

Homeowners thinking about fence projects have a set of easy-to-follow rules and regulations to guide them. Adding an attractive enclosure around your home is relatively easy, and the required permit is low in price. In most subdivisions in Bolingbrook, backyard fences are common, while front yard enclosures aren’t the norm. Most property owners here choose to have a licensed contractor registered in the city handle the installation of their fences, due to their busy lives. The guidelines below will help you decide what type of project you can build at your location.

Specific Ordinances and Restrictions

Bolingbrook Building Ordinances

While some very handy Bolingbrook homeowners take on fence construction as a DIY project, most rely on local contractors for complete installation. A number of experienced contractors who specialize in this work are registered with the city. By calling one or more of them, you can get a free consultation to help you plan your design and select materials. If you compare cost estimates from more than one builder, you’ll assure yourself of an affordable, beautiful addition to your home. If you decide to build your own fence, a wide range of materials is available at home supply centers nearby. Either way, a well-built fence is an investment in beauty, safety and privacy for you and your family.