Chicago and Suburban Cities Have Fence Building Codes and Regulations

For most homeowners, fences seem simple. Built to enclose parts of their home’s lot, they are an attractive improvement that protects children and pets and keeps them from wandering off. They also often serve as privacy screens and add security to the home by making it more difficult for intruders to trespass. A good fence also blocks the wind and helps families enjoy outdoor activities. The added value fences provide for homes is another plus. It can be hard for many people, though, to understand why it seems so complicated to install a fence. It sometimes seems like city governments put up too many barriers to creating such a simple outdoor project.

In most cities in the Chicago metro area, installing a fence means getting a building permit, choosing from only those materials that are allowed, understanding how tall it can be built, and following many other restrictions, limitations and other ordinances. As a responsible homeowner, you naturally want a good-looking, sturdy, well-built fence for your home. So, why can’t you just put up what you want without all of the hassles? The answer is simple: Without fence codes and regulations, some people will build the cheapest fence possible. They will use substandard materials, skimp on construction techniques, create very tall barriers to hide their activities, or otherwise create a nuisance, rather than an asset, in the neighborhood. Fence codes are designed to set and enforce common sense standards for everyone.

Fence Codes and Ordinances Affect Many Aspects of the Design

Each city sets specifications and limitations to regulate a number of factors for any fence built in that city. Below, you’ll find a list of the most common features that are regulated, along with the reasons for those rules:

Without Building Permits, Codes and Fence Regulations, Problems Can Occur

Not every property owner understands or cares that a fence affects more than just one property. Many people lack consideration for others, and might build structures that hurt property values, pose dangers, are simply unsightly, or put up poorly designed or constructed barriers. That is the sad fact that has led every city to establish standards for fences as well as for buildings on properties within the city. While the need to follow those standards, obtain a permit and have post-installation inspections might seem unnecessary to thoughtful property owners, history has proven that they are needed. Established standards for building projects protect everyone, and are a necessary part of any project.