Residential Fence Ordinances and Codes for Cicero, IL

Located just West of Chicago, this suburban city of 84,000 has a long history and a diverse population. Its neighborhoods are full of well-maintained older homes, often built near neighboring houses. From solid brick construction to other styles, they are uniquely Midwestern in design and home to families who take pride in their ownership. It’s a popular suburban city with Chicago’s large Hispanic population, and also has a long history of being a city where immigrants from Czechoslovakia and other eastern European settlers made their homes.

General Requirements for Residential Fences

Fence regulations in Cicero are designed to match the layout of its residential streets and to preserve the beauty of its family-oriented neighborhoods. The moderate family incomes in this community also play a role in the design of fences, which are typically used to enclose side and back yards only. Before planning a new fence for any property in this city, it’s important to be aware of the building codes and rules for materials and installation. The information below can help you with planning, whether you will build your own fence or hire a licensed contractor to do the job.

Specific Rules and Restrictions

Commercial Fence Codes

Residential Fence Building Fence Codes in Cicero, IL

A well-designed and installed fence is an asset for any residential property, but it must meet all local building codes and rules. In Cicero, as in most jurisdictions, fences that are built without the proper permits, along with non-conforming or poorly maintained fences are considered a nuisance. Code and ordinance enforcement officials can order them to be removed or brought into conformance. If that is not done within 30 days of notifications, or after an extension of that time is granted, the owner can be fined and may have to pay all costs if the city removes the fence. Safety and maintenance of property values are the reason for all regulations in this city.