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This website attracts Chicago area homeowners and property owners who are in the early planning stages of fence projects. When they search on Google or other search engines, our highly effective search engine optimization helps the site to appear near the top of search results. Our visitors are actively interested in building fences on their property in the near future. The website leads them to pages that are highly relevant to their location and their need for information on fences.

If you or your company sells fence materials or is a contractor that specializes in fence construction in the Chicago metro area, a targeted advertisement on this website will reach highly motivated local consumers and real estate owners. We have landing pages for all Chicagoland suburbs with a population larger than 50,000. The website leads visitors directly to those pages, as well as to pages providing other information on residential fence projects.

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This website is designed to be an easy to find resource for residents and homeowners in the Chicago metropolitan area. We want to help property owners find accurate, complete information on rules, regulations and ordinances that affect fences, especially residential fences. We created this site because it can be difficult to locate such information on government websites by searching on Google and other internet search engines. Chicagoland residents and homeowners can easily find this site with simple Google searches. We’re glad to help, because we believe that such important details should be readily available. We would like to welcome our visitors and hope they find our pages useful and helpful. If you find any errors this website and the information it presents, please contact us, using the form below and notify us of the error. We will make every effort to correct errors promptly as soon as we become aware of them.