Residential Fence Regulations and Codes for Des Plaines, IL

Located northwest of Chicago, with O’Hare airport on its southern border, Des Plaines is a thriving suburb with a population of about 60,000. Its location on Interstate 90 makes it a popular commuter community. Residents of this family-oriented city have a higher than average household income than many other Chicago suburbs and take great pride in their attractive homes. The city’s building department is in charge of regulations and codes related fences and all other construction projects within Des Plaines.

General Requirements for Residential Fences

Rules and ordinances for fence projects in Des Plaines are easy to understand and allow a great deal of flexibility in design, but all fences require building permits and the city enforces codes that require all residential fences to be well-maintained. The details below are designed to provide homeowners planning an installation with accurate information to help them create a plan for an attractive fence that will beautify their homes and increase property values. Whether you build your own fence as a DIY project or hire a licensed contractor, it’s important to know the codes before planning begins.

Specific Rules and Restrictions

Commercial Fence Codes

Residential Fence Installation Codes in Des Plaines, IL

Whether you’re building a fence around your property as a DIY project or hiring a licensed, trusted contractor to do the job, careful planning and construction are essential. From selecting the type of materials and planning post and gate locations to completing the installation in a way that adds beauty and value to your home, don’t be tempted to take shortcuts. Talk to your neighbors, too, and take their comments and concerns into consideration. In many cases, neighbors share the cost of fencing between properties. Be sure to get the proper permits from the Des Plaines building department and follow the best construction practices to ensure your project’s durability and attractive appearance.