Residential Fence Codes and Rules for Elgin, IL

The historic city of Elgin, with a population over 110,000, is located northwest of Chicago and is in both Cook and Kane counties. With a diverse population, it is a commuter suburb with excellent public transit routes into the larger city. Originally a dairy community, it has grown rapidly, and is still adding new homes within the city limits. Household incomes are above average and Elgin is a popular community for a broad range of families and other residents. It even offers the only riverboat gambling casino in Illinois.

General Requirements for Residential Fences

Elgin residents take great pride in their city, and that is reflected in the well-maintained homes throughout its neighborhoods. Homeowners planning a fence installation will need to apply for a permit, and the city has relatively strict regulations on construction. The presence of a unique historic district and many homeowners associations also has an impact on design and construction choices for property enclosures. The information listed below will help when you’re thinking about your project’s design:

Specific Rules and Restrictions

Residential Fence Installation Codes in Elgin, IL

While there are no restrictions on do-it-yourself fence projects in Elgin, the exacting rules and codes within the city lead most property owners to hire a local, licensed contractor to build their fence. These projects require a wide range of construction skills and are complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive. If you have the skills and tools required, there’s no reason not to build it yourself. Still, few homeowners have those skills, and the appearance of your completed yard enclosure is important. You’ll find many talented building contractors who specialize in these projects in Elgin. They’ll get the job done efficiently and correctly. Your handsome new fence will be finished much sooner, too. Get a complete estimate before making a decision.