Residential Fence Regulations and Codes for Evanston, IL

Evanston, a city of 75,000, is located in Cook County, IL, just north of Chicago and east of Skokie, another important suburb. With a median home value higher than many suburban communities and higher than average household incomes, Evanston is a popular city for many Illinois residents. It has fewer homes with young children and a higher average population age than some other suburban cities. Its lakeshore access and easy rail and public transit commuting into Chicago have made it a popular place to live for many who work in Chicago.

General Requirements for Residential Fences

Evanston and its residents take great pride in the city’s neighborhoods and buildings. That’s one of the reasons for its strict zoning and building regulations. When it comes to planning a fence installation for a home, the permit process is more complex than in most other communities. Requirements and restrictions vary from zoning district to zoning district, which can complicate the planning process. That’s why most homeowners choose to have a licensed contractor in Evanston pull the permits and handle the construction job. The rules and ordinances listed below may vary, depending on where a property is located in the city, but are a good guide to most projects.

Specific Rules and Restrictions

Commercial Fence Codes

Fence Building Codes in Evanston, IL

Building ordinances and codes, including for fences, can be complex, especially in cities like Evanston, which regulates construction in multiple zones. Each zone may have its own rules. To avoid disappointment or delays, consult with building and zoning department officials even before applying for a permit. They can help you avoid mistakes with many aspects of your plan. If you hire a building contractor licensed in Evanston, you can take advantage of their experience with these issues, too. As part of the project, the contractor will obtain the needed permits and help you understand what the exact rules are for your property. If you’ll be building your fence as a DIY project, expect to make a few visits to the building department offices.