Frequently Asked Questions about Fence Codes in the Chicago Metro Area

As you use our convenient guide to fence codes and regulations in the cities that make up Chicagoland, you’re bound to encounter terms and information that raise questions in your mind. You’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions on this page. For other questions about specific issues regarding fences in your city, contact your city’s building or zoning authority. You’ll find a phone number and link to that department’s website here on the page for each city.

Consult Your Local Building Department or Contractors for More Answers

If you have questions that aren’t answered on this page, you can get helpful answers by calling the building authority phone number listed on this site’s page for your city. Usually, the staff there will be happy to give you an accurate answer to any question regarding building codes and rules. Local, licensed contractors will be happy to answer your questions, too, especially about types of materials and installation. They have knowledge based on long experience installing fences in your community. If you’re building your own fence, you can also find helpful instructional videos on almost every aspect of construction and installation by searching on YouTube.