Residential Fence Codes for Kenosha, WI

Home to at least 100,000 people, Kenosha is a Wisconsin Chicagoland suburb, located on the border between Wisconsin and Illinois. A city with a diverse cultural population, it has recently grown a great deal, with over half of its residents being relatively new to the area. It’s a commuter hub city, serving both Milwaukee and Chicago. Almost half of workers in the city commute to their jobs. Rapid growth and affordable homes have led the city to become one of the top US cities for first-time homebuyers. The city’s schools are highly rated, and ample recreational and learning opportunities are other strong attractions for families. With eight miles of Lake Michigan shoreline available to the public, Kenosha has a distinct lakeshore feel.

General Requirements for Residential Fences

Naturally, with so many new homeowners moving to this attractive city, home improvement projects are popular, including the installation of attractive fences. Codes and regulations in the city are based on common sense and easy to understand. Due to the specialized skills and hard work required, however, most homeowners in Kenosha choose to have professional contractors install their fence. This ensures a great appearance and lets owners focus on other home improvement projects. The information below outlines the codes and regulations for residential yard enclosure projects.

Specific Rules and Ordinances

Kenosha Residential Fence Ordinances and Rules in Wisconsin

Whether you’re planning a fence for security, to protect children and pets, or just to beautify your home, the value of your project depends on the quality of both its materials and installation. That’s why most homeowners choose to hire experienced local contractors, instead of doing the job themselves. Installing fences is more complicated and difficult than most DIY projects. Contact local building contractors and discuss your ideas with them. They’ll show you a wider range of materials and designs than you can find in local building supply outlets. They’ll also give you comprehensive price quotes for the entire project. When the contractor goes to work, they’ll get your project finished quickly and professionally, so it will grace your home and last for decades to come.