Residential Fence Codes and Regulations for Palatine, IL

Located northeast of Chicago and adjacent to Arlington Heights, this Cook County suburban community is home to over 68,000 residents. With over 33% of homes having children under the age of 18, it has a distinct family orientation. Parks and recreation facilities, along with an award-winning school system are points of pride for Palatine. Served by a Metra station, it is a popular commuter suburb, as well. Its rapid growth after WWII, followed by a continuing building boom starting in the 1970s, has created numerous subdivisions and neighborhoods full of attractive homes.

General Codes and Ordinances for Residential Fences

As in all residential communities, many Palatine homeowners want perimeter and other fences for privacy and safety reasons. The Village of Palatine has a set of rules and codes that are practical and ensure attractiveness, durability and safety throughout the community. Both DIY and contractor-built fences are common, and the city’s building department fence permit application clearly states the codes and regulations for all residential fences installed within the city limits. It also includes illustrations to guide property owners.

Specific Rules and Restrictions

Residential Fence Installation Codes Palatine, IL

Any time you’re thinking about a new or replacement fence on your residential property, you will have to make many choices. Top-quality materials and expert installation are the keys to a beautiful, durable fence that will beautify your home and provide privacy and safety for you, your family and pets. While building your own fence is possible, most homeowners lack the skills, tools and time to take a project from the planning stages to completion. That’s why most Palatine homeowners begin the process by calling a local, licensed contractor for a consultation and cost estimate. When you do, you’ll be able to compare materials and choose a design, and then let the builder obtain the permit and install your new fence quickly and professionally.