Residential Fence Rules, Regulations and Codes for Schaumburg, IL

Just South of Palatine in Cook County, the Village of Schaumburg is a northwestern Chicago suburb with a population of about 74,000. Home to major shopping malls, it’s part of what is called the “Golden Corridor.” A carefully planned city, it grew rapidly, beginning in the 1960s, becoming an almost fully built-out residential community in the 1990s. Today, it is a diverse community with almost a third of its homes occupied by families with children. With a higher than average household income, and served by Interstate 90 and Interstate 290, it is a thriving commuter community.

General Requirements for Residential Fences

Full of pleasant neighborhoods, housing styles vary from typical 1960s developments to late 20th century subdivisions. Residents planning to add or replace fences on their lots need permits for all installations and city regulations and codes are designed to keep fences attractive in design and placement. Homeowners can enclose their properties with a wide variety of materials and styles, but must follow Village guidelines carefully to preserve neighborhood appearances and foster safety. The general rules below will cover most situations, but fence permit applications are carefully reviewed for compliance before a permit is issued.

Specific Rules and Ordinances

Residential Fence Installation Codes in Schaumburg, IL

A beautiful and durable fence is an asset to any home, but building such projects is a complex job. That’s why most homeowners in Schaumburg choose to hire a contractor licensed in that city to install their fences. The Village officials require that only contractors holding a city license do this work, although homeowners are permitted to act as their own contractor. Local builders are familiar with they city’s codes and regulations and can help you select the right materials and a design that meets the requirements above. They will obtain the necessary permits and then use their experience and expertise to complete the installation efficiently and to high standards of beauty and durability. Ask local installers for a proposal and estimate and compare prices before making a decision.