Residential Fence Codes and Regulations for Streamwood Village, IL

Similar to other incorporated Illinois communities, the Village of Streamwood enforces regulations on fencing for the purpose of preserving the aesthetic values of its residential areas and support public safety and community planning standards. Located in Cook County, Streamwood takes great pride in its residential neighborhoods and harmonious blending of complementary home sites and architectural styles. The village’s 40,000 residents proudly maintain their homes and strongly support sensible enforced standards for residential construction and maintenance. Set in the northwest sector of the Chicago metro area, it is a family-focused community which constantly strives to maintain a superior quality lifestyle and secure, attractive residential areas.

General Ordinances for Residential Fences

A homeowner who plans construction of a new or replacement fence in Streamwood Village should be aware that building permits are required for all installations, and that community ordinances are enforced to standardize and specify fence height limitations and material composition. Owners may install their own fences as a Do It Yourself project, but are required to meet all building codes and local regulations. The following entries cover the majority of residential fence construction requirements. It should be noted, however, that such rules are subject to change at any time, and variance from the stated standard may be allowed only with written approval of the city’s building and zoning authorities. If in doubt about the application of a particular regulation or requirement, always inquire to obtain clarification of the issue.

Specific Fence Rules, Codes and Restrictions