Residential Fence Codes for Waukegan, IL

Waukegan is an outer suburb north of Chicago, located in Lake County. With a population of almost 90,000, it’s one of the larger communities along the western lakeshore and sits near the Wisconsin border. With a diverse population, it’s proud of its heritage and history. Median household incomes are moderate, as are home prices. Its industrial background and harbor are evident in the city, with redevelopment projects working to improve areas that are under-utilized. I-94 and Metra serve Waukegan residents who commute into Chicago, and the city’s schools serve over 17,000 students from the 40% of households in the city with children younger than 18 years of age.

General Ordinances for Residential Fences

Homeowners planning fences in Waukegan will find the city’s simple rules and regulations easy to follow. Many homeowners make a fence a DIY project, while others hire a local contractor to handle the work. While the codes are simple, this community works hard to make every project an asset to the community and its neighborhoods. The regulation information below reflects the ordinances governing residential fences, and building permits are required for every project.

Specific Rules and Codes

Fence Installation Codes in Waukegan, IL

DIY fence building is popular in this community, in part due to the simple regulations and a friendly Building Department. Installing fences is a popular “sweat-equity” project for many homeowners. However, before planning your installation, carefully assess your skills, knowledge and available time. All too often, homeowners who take on such a DIY project discover that creating a beautiful finished fence isn’t simple. Contacting a local, licensed contractor is often a better idea. By hiring one to design and build your project, you’ll have access to more types of materials and the expertise they bring to the job ensures that your fence will be finished quickly and professionally. Either way, an attractive fence is an investment that increases your property value and adds privacy and security.