Residential Fence Regulations and Codes for Wheaton, IL

Wheaton, IL, located in DuPage County, has a population of roughly 54,000 and is about 30 miles west of central Chicago. The city grew rapidly during the 1950s, and is almost completely built out today. Two Metra stations serve commuters, and major traffic routes into the city are nearby. With almost 40% of households including children under the age of 18, there’s a distinct family feel to Wheaton, and the median household income of over $100,000 makes it above average in affluence. The city’s public schools are highly ranked and private primary and secondary schools are numerous. The community’s parks and recreational facilities are also award-winners. A vibrant downtown district and a wide range of amenities and shopping make this suburban oasis popular with its residents.

General Ordinances for Residential Fences

If you’re planning a fence project in Wheaton, the process is fairly simple, with sensible, easy to understand regulations and rules. Most of the city’s rules are designed to promote an attractive appearance and safety for fences. You can make the installation on your own, or hire one of the many licensed contractors in the city to build it for you. In most cases, homeowners choose to have their fence built by professionals, since even a simple design can be a complex project, requiring a variety of skills and knowledge. Use the basic rules and codes below as a guide to thinking about your new fence.

Specific Rules and Restrictions

Residential Fence Installation Codes in Wheaton, IL

A great-looking fence is an asset for any home and increases the value of that property as well as adjacent properties. Making a complete installation is a complex job, requiring specific skills and expertise. While some homeowners who have a great deal of experience with construction work can make it a nice DIY project, fence building isn’t for everyone. In Wheaton, a number of licensed contractors specialize in residential fencing. Any of them will be happy to show you a variety of materials and designs and give you a comprehensive estimate on the cost of the complete job. By hiring a skilled, experienced contractor, you can depend on the finished project looking great and ready to last for decades.